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City of Temecula to Host Urban Forest Summit on March 16, 2022


The City of Temecula will be hosting an Urban Forest Summit as the first step in developing an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) for Temecula’s trees. 

Community members are invited to participate and share their thoughts about the opportunities, challenges and their ideas relating to Temecula’s trees. 

Mayor Matt Rahn explained, “An Urban Forest Management Plan is a roadmap that creates a shared vision for the future of a tree canopy. It’s a tailored strategy which guides City tree care professionals to proactively and effectively manage and provide for maximum long-term benefits to the community. 

The City of Temecula is developing an UFMP, which will be the framework of how Temecula’s trees will be managed over the next 40 years. One of my goals is to make sure that every resident in the City lives in a neighborhood that is safe and healthy. Achieving this, in part, depends on the well-being and sustainability of our City’s trees.”

Summit organizer, Dudek, a leading multidisciplinary, environmental consulting firm, will lead attendees through engaging activities and meaningful discussions with various stakeholders, including elected officials, City staff, and community associations. The collective input received from the Summit will help create the overall strategy and guiding principles of the UFMP.

Mayor Rahn added, “The value of trees is experienced every day in many ways. Some experiences are physical and immediate like the relief of being in the refreshing shade of a large tree on a hot summer’s day. Others are less tangible but still present, like the clean air we breathe and positive impacts on our mental health. 

We need to make sure we continue to properly plan, plant and care for Temecula’s trees so that they may be enjoyed for all generations to come.” The Urban Forest Summit will be held on March 16th, 2022 from 5PM to 7:30PM at Temecula City Hall, inside the Conference Center. The invitation is open to all members of the community, and the City encourages residents, business owners, and anyone who wishes to be involved in the planning process to attend. Spanish language translation will be available. There will also be locally catered food, refreshments, and gift giveaways. 

Please register for the event and visit to see an interactive map of the City’s current tree inventory. Pan and zoom and click on any individual tree for specific details about that tree. In addition, please take the quick online survey. Results of the survey will help direct the long-term planning goals for Temecula’s trees. Your input is appreciated.