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Coworking Connection for Small Business Owners, Hybrid Workers

Coworking Connection Founder Dione Moser is no stranger to the distractions and isolation that can come with a home office. “For a multitude of reasons, working from home can be a challenge for a lot of people, I know it, because I went through it,” Moser said. “Obviously, the pandemic created a situation where a lot of people were forced to bring their office home with them. And in some cases, the work-from-home model has transcended the pandemic and has become more commonplace in the business world.”

But Moser said, while some people embrace the hybrid work model, others find it hard to acclimate themselves enough to be productive from home. 

“Distractions, whether it be kids, that pile of laundry just sitting there, or ‘honey-do lists,’” Moser said. “Recreating a space similar to the office at home to be productive can be a challenge.” “Some of our clients, that’s why they come to us.”

With multiple shared workspace options available to anyone looking for a professional environment in which to work — desks, cubicles, offices and meeting rooms — and plans that include full- and part-time commitments, Coworking Connection, is a service that’s much needed in the valley. 

“Whether you need a desk or cubicle only a couple of days a week or month, or you need a more permanent place to get work done, we have the flexibility to create a solution that works,” Moser said. 

With locations in Murrieta and Temecula, it also gives workers the opportunity to stay closer to home — without actually being home. 

“Work-life balance is a big deal, as a bedroom community, still, there are a lot of people who spent that time at home during the pandemic and really came to appreciate not being on the road so much, too,” Moser said. “They’ve gone back to their HR departments and asked for the hybrid model, but this time, in a more professional way. We fit that bill.”

And then, as Moser said, Coworking Connection is filled with entrepreneurs and small business owners that want an environment that breeds creativity and productivity as they grow their business. 

“We foster a sense of community here,” she said. “Our clients truly want to help one another reach the goals they set for themselves and for each other. There’s not a day that goes by where one small business owner is leaning over a desk asking another small business owner how they did this thing or that thing to keep growing. It fills up my heart to see that happening at Coworking Connection.”

In addition to desktop spaces, cubicles, and private offices, Coworking Connection offers a kitchen, refrigerators, printers, complimentary high-speed Wifi, and almost anything a business needs to be productive. 

The locations also offer conference rooms and meeting spaces — a feature that is popular with full- and part-time members — that can also be rented out to non-members on a case-by-case basis. 

“We have workshops, team meetings, conferences, all sorts of groups that come through here,” Moser said. “We have work-from-home folks who just need to meet with a client or a customer one-on-one and don’t want to do that in a noisy coffee shop or restaurant. We offer that.”

In addition, Coworking Connection offers something that’s incredibly important to a small business looking to make a professional impression on potential clients and customers they correspond with. “We offer virtual mailboxes and a professional mailing address that clients can use,” Moser said. “Sometimes, that can be the difference between closing a deal or losing it. People want to be taken seriously and we provide that.”

As a longtime business owner, Moser owns Impact Marketing & Design, as well, creating a space where other business owners can realize their dreams means a lot to her. 

“When I was starting my business, I needed a space like this to really grow,” Moser said. “Now, I see small business owners outgrowing us and moving into permanent spaces. That’s success in my eyes and it means we’re accomplishing what we set out to do.”

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