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Don’t Let FOG Drain Away Your Holiday Funds!

Properly dispose of any fats, oils, and grease (FOG) to prevent clogged drains.

Holidays are a time to rejoice in the company of loved ones enjoying amazing food. Unfortunately, that holiday cheer can quickly turn to doom and gloom when clogged drains become an issue. Most of the amazing holiday food that we consume such as meats, sauces, gravies, salad dressings, butter, frosting, and batter/dough can create havoc when disposed of improperly. Even small amounts of fats, oils, and grease that are poured down drains can create blockages that result in expensive plumbing repairs.

To prevent expensive plumbing repair bills, we recommend the following FOG management tips:

  • Fully scrape off all food debris from all utensils and dispose of into your organics bin or as required by your local city or jurisdiction.
  • Dry wipe any residual fat, oil, or grease on pots, pans, or other utensils using a paper towel to minimize the amount of FOG that goes down your drains. Dispose of the used paper towel in the trash.
  • Pour cooled cooking oil or congealed shortening or lard into a container such as a used jar or can with a tight-fitting lid and throw away into the trash.

Following the recommendations above, can prevent a costly sewer pipe clog repair. Ensure that wastewater flows smoothly down your drains by taking preventative action. Consider having your home’s sewer pipes professionally cleaned by a plumber once a year to further prevent any issues. Visit for additional information.