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Tech Gift Ideas for 2022

Silver tray with red gift box with yellow ribbon and yellow gift box

Looking for that special gift idea for the tech minded? In this digital age there aren’t too many who would not like new innovation. Here are some ideas that might help fill your Christmas shopping list.

Many music lovers have been returning to vinyl records but in order to do so, a turn table is required. There is a growing selection of units that connect to blue tooth enabled speakers. This helps save room and make the music more portable.  Match up music output with a new sleep mask that not only blocks out light but also plays music to help one relax.  Speaking of portability, there are lines of printers from a number of manufacturers to print directly from a camera or other devices anytime and anywhere.  Sharing the printed picture immediately will add to the fun at gatherings.

Is someone in need of a stand-up desk but doesn’t want to commit to or have the funds to replace their old workstation?  Look for standing desk converters which can be placed on an existing desk and adjusted to the proper height.  Tired of standing?  It can be easily removed or lowered.  To fill up the desk with technology, consider the ever- increasing popular wireless charging units.  As phones are developed, many will have this capability.  Simply place a phone or smart watch on the charging platform and off it goes.  There is only one set of wires to deal with from the unit to the wall.  Another popular device is the phone sanitizer.  Protect oneself and others from germs by placing the phone in the unit to safely clean and disinfect a phone especially if shared with co- works or family.

Do you know someone who likes being in control?  This year has provided us with new and improved devices like smart light bulbs, wi-fi enabled plugs, outdoor and indoor cameras making it easier to ensure that property is lit-up and protected.  Most of these devices are fairly inexpensive.

For the writers who would rather write than type, there are pen and smart writing tablets.  What is written on the tablet can be digitized and stored for future reference.  Also, improved wireless keyboards for typing connect to your phone or other device.  The perfect gift for the “fat-fingered” typist.

There is much to choose from this year in the tech world.  Happy Shopping!

Ted Saul is a business coach and writer that assists with Business Plans Project Management and Career Management. He earned his MBA from Regis University along with a Masters in project management. Ted can be reached on LinkedIn or by emailing