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Spring Into Savings With An Irrigation Tune-Up

Spring is synonymous with revival and refreshment, making it a great time to update the landscaping in our homes and businesses. In the process of sprucing up outdoor areas, irrigation systems can often be overlooked. Spring is the perfect time to tune-up irrigation systems to maximize water efficiency while maintaining lush and vibrant landscaping. 

Take these simple steps to ensure your irrigation system is at its best:

  • Check irrigation controllers. Replace batteries, if needed, and verify programs/start times are still appropriate, and adjust watering to weather conditions. Rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) are available ($35/station for properties that are larger than 1 acre).  
  • Ensure that all sensors and valves are working properly. 
  • Check spray nozzles for sun/lawnmower damage. Are all spray heads plumb and hitting the targeted landscape area? If not, your irrigation system is wasting water resulting in overspray and runoff. Adjust spray nozzle heads, if needed. 
  • Rebates for replacement of pop-up spray heads for water-efficient spray nozzles ($2/nozzle with a minimum of 30 units) OR the high efficiency large rotary nozzle for large open landscapes ($13/set with a minimum of 8 units) are available. 
  • Ensure drip system is in good repair and leaks at the drip emitters. 

Proper maintenance of irrigation systems coupled with water-efficient spray nozzles can help reduce overspray and prevent wasted water.  Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) offers a variety of rebates and irrigation resources to assist both residential and commercial customers. Visit to learn more.