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City Of Temecula Renovates The Old Town Sheriff Station To House The METRO Team

Temecula City hall building exterior against blue sky

Renovations to an expanded Sheriff Station in Old Town Temecula has made room for Temecula’s newly formed 11-member METRO Team comprised of a Sergeant, Corporal, Community Service Officer, and eight Deputies including two motorcycle Deputies.  The purpose of the METRO Team is to ensure a safe environment for residents, businesses, and visitors is continuously maintained in Old Town Temecula.

“Old Town is a treasured destination that continues to grow with new opportunities including the Old Town Creek Walk that opened less than a year ago, new businesses, residents, and more hotels planned in the future,” states Temecula Mayor Zak Schwank.  “Part of the strategy to preserve Old Town’s charm and family-friendly atmosphere includes a specialized community policing team,” Mayor Schwank adds. The METRO team will now be able to fully deploy out of the extra space allocated within the renovated Old Town Temecula Sheriff Station at City Hall.

Riverside County Captain Chris Durham serves as Temecula’s Police Chief and states, “The overall mission of the METRO Team is to maintain public safety in Old Town through proactive community-oriented policing and this includes pedestrian checks, foot patrol, bicycle patrol, bar checks, and networking with business owners, patrons, and residents.  Old Town is a popular destination for tourism and local entertainment, and the community expects a safe environment with zero tolerance for criminal behavior and that’s what the METRO Team is tasked to deliver.”  Chief Durham adds, “We also conduct extensive investigations and follow-up on complaints that stem from Old Town; as is done in all areas of Temecula.”  Among other law enforcement activities that keep Old Town safe:

  • Provide a significant visible presence of law enforcement in Old Town;
  • Establish relationships with businesses and residents in Old Town; 
  • Conduct high saturation patrols in Old Town and immediate surrounding areas of Old Town;
  • Zero tolerance for DUIs, public intoxication, “bar-room brawls,” and reckless driving;
  • California Vehicle Code enforcement including a designated Community Service Officer who will ensure fire hydrants are clear and handicap stalls are accessible, among other concerns.