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Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley Real Estate and Education Center Opens to Help Local Families Achieve Homeownership

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley (HFHIV) will soon be opening its new Liz Bibb Real Estate and Education Center in Temecula, California. The center will house the organization’s Pathway to Homeownership and Financial Wellness Programs, which provides homebuyer counseling and financial education to qualified residents.

Over 25% of Californians are currently living in substandard, overcrowded or cost burdened living conditions. The center will provide needed relief to help families obtain affordable housing. The center was made possible thanks to a $45,000 grant from the City of Temecula. “We are grateful to the City of Temecula for their generous support of this important program,” said HFHIV CEO,  Tammy Marine. “This center will help us to reach more families in need and make homeownership a reality for many.”

The Pathway to Homeownership and Financial Wellness Programs offer a variety of services to help participants prepare for homeownership. These services include:

  • Homebuyer Counseling: Participants will receive individual counseling from a qualified HUD-Approved Housing Counselor. Counselors will help participants assess their financial readiness for homeownership, identify barriers to homeownership, and develop a plan to overcome those barriers.
  • Financial Education: Participants will receive financial education classes on topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, credit repair, and saving for a down payment. These classes will help participants develop the financial skills they need to be successful homeowners.
  • Down Payment Assistance: The center will work to match participants with available resources for down payment assistance. This will help make homeownership more affordable for qualified families.

In addition to these programs, the Liz Bibb Real Estate and Education Center will also offer a variety of educational workshops to the community. These include:

  • Referrals: The center will provide participants with referrals to other resources in the community. 
  • Workforce development:  Classes will be available through a partnership with MSJC.
  • Healthy Homes: The Healthy Homes workshops are designed to help participants improve their own living conditions. This will include topics such as home maintenance, organic gardening, energy efficiency home updates and more.

The Liz Bibb Real Estate and Education Center is located at 27591 Commerce Center Drive in Temecula. The center is set to open in October 2023. For more information, please call (951) 296-3362 or visit

The center is a valuable resource for families in the Inland Valley who are looking to achieve homeownership. The services offered at the center can help families overcome financial barriers to owning a home and make the dream of homeownership a reality.