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Andrea Shoup Brings Home the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award!

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards recognizes the achievements and resilience of local entrepreneurs who have built thriving businesses here in the Inland Empire. The annual Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards Gala – held on November 15th at the Riverside Convention center – brought together top local entrepreneurs and business leaders to announce this year’s award recipients.

The candidates for the award are selected by an independent panel of judges made up of previous award winners and other regional business leaders. Judging is based on financial metrics as well the nominee’s accomplishments, innovative approach, and entrepreneurial spirit.

In a win for the Temecula Valley, Andrea Shoup, founder of Shoup Legal, a local estate planning law firm, was awarded the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award in the service-based category.

“I’m so honored to not only receive this award, but also to be in such an amazing room and to see so many amazing business owners and entrepreneurs, I am humbled to be amongst you all,” said Andrea. “As an entrepreneur we know that we can only do so much on our own and it’s our amazing teams that really allow us to do all that we are able to do.” 

Andrea went on to state that she founded Shoup Legal on the idea that visiting an attorney’s office should be a pleasant experience, not an uncomfortable one. “I’m so proud to have created that. I work with an amazing team.”

Andrea Shoup’s recognition as the recipient of the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award not only celebrates her individual success but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her dedication to creating a positive client experience and the acknowledgment of her team’s support exemplify the essence of entrepreneurship. As we celebrate Andrea’s achievement, we are reminded of the resilience and innovative spirit that drives local businesses in the Inland Empire. Congratulations, Andrea, for bringing home the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award and embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship!