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Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley utilizes grant funding from to from Ring to transform Menifee and Sun City neighborhoods

Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley (Habitat), a leading non-profit dedicated to supporting solutions for affordable housing, is pleased to announce the impactful results of its 2023 partnership with RING. With the support of RING’s generous grant funding, Habitat has made significant strides in revitalization efforts in the Menifee, Sun City area over the past year, creating a tangible difference in the lives of local residents.

On April 22, 2023, Habitat participated in the Menifee Better Together initiative, a community-wide effort to foster positive change in the Menifee Sun City neighborhoods. During this event, Habitat executed a variety of projects aimed at improving the quality of life for local residents. These initiatives included the completion of 19 senior home revitalizations, a Covid-memorial garden beautification project, and the planting of over 100 trees and native plants in local parks within the City of Menifee. Habitat also actively engaged with the community during an Earth Day event, offering resources for residents and distributing flower seeds ReStore information to promote recycling and sustainability. Furthermore, Habitat’s commitment to community betterment extended beyond the April event, with the successful completion of five home repair projects, including whole house paint preservation initiatives.

“The support from Ring has been a game-changer for our neighborhood revitalization efforts. With RING’s support, we were able to accomplish so much more.. The Menifee Sun City communities have witnessed a transformation that will have a lasting impact on the lives of their residents for years to come. We are extremely grateful for the partnership with RING and their dedication to improving the neighborhoods we serve,” shared Tammy Marine, Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley CEO.

Habitat operates year-round to create affordable housing solutions and improvements in the region. Their commitment to community development is evident through various events, including the Menifee Better Together initiative, and the operation of two ReStores and one Design Center in southwest Riverside County. These locations serve not only as retail storefronts but also as programs that provide job opportunities, a platform to repurpose gently used items, and a means of reducing waste that would otherwise end up in local landfills. The Design Center offers a unique resource for home goods shopping, while the ReStores offer low-cost home improvement solutions.

The grant from RING is a part of their $100,000 commitment to Habitat for Humanity, dedicated to supporting affiliates across the U.S. engaged in neighborhood revitalization efforts. RING’s investment in Habitat’s projects demonstrates their commitment to making a real difference in communities across the country.