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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” and she couldn’t have been more right! This iconic saying was first popularized in 1953 and has been a slogan for the jewelry industry ever since. Diamonds are the most popular gemstone today, and for a good reason, they are absolutely gorgeous. This stone is the hardest stone on the Mohs hardness scale, measuring at a 10, meaning it is the most durable stone to wear for jewelry. Did you know that diamonds are so hard they can only be cut by other diamonds? When looking at the quality of diamonds, there are four aspects to consider, known as the 4 C’s standing for color, cut, clarity, and carat. 

The first C is color, which as you guessed it, means the color of the stone! Diamonds are graded on a scale from D-Z. D color being colorless, and Z color being a light to medium yellow color. There are also “fancy colored” diamonds. These stones have a unique vibrant color ranging all over the rainbow color spectrum. Most commonly, fancy colored diamonds are bright yellow or a dark brown. However, many people sought after a bright pink or blue as well. 

The second C is cut, which means the quality of the diamond’s cut. This is a very important aspect because the better cut a diamond is, the better light will reflect, which means more sparkle! Or as it’s called in the diamond grading world, “scintillation”.

The third C is clarity, which refers to how included the diamond is. Inclusions are like birthmarks for diamonds, often characterized as black spots or white “feathers.” The scale for which inclusions are determined starts at “flawless”, which means there are no inclusions internally or externally. The scale progresses to “included”, which means there are obvious inclusions that can either be seen with the naked eye, or only be seen under magnification. With many other grades in between the two, you can have a perfectly unique diamond everytime!

The last C is carat, which is how big the diamond is. Carat is based on the weight of the diamond. Because of this, you can have 2 diamonds that have very similar measurements and look the same size, but are different weights because one is taller than the other. The most common carat weight for a diamond is 1.0-1.9ct. 

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