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For Local Students, Preparation is the Key to Success.

While most students are filling the last of their summer break with work, play, beach time and relaxation, they are acutely aware that a new school year looms right around the corner. For many, August is that time to eke out the last few days of down-time while preparing for the challenges a new year will bring – including stocking up on supplies and getting organized to make the most of the new opportunity. The first day of a new school year always represents a chance to re-invent yourself. While it’s an opportunity for many to build on past successes, it’s also an opportunity to re-focus and re-energize their future for those who may not have excelled in the past.

Based on advice from local educators, The Valley Business Journal presents the following suggestions to create a less stressful year and avoid that last minute running-around before the school bell rings.

• A shopping spree. Besides the basics like pencils, paper, binders, and books, take your child on a back to school shopping spree. If you aren’t sure you have time to take them to the mall, opt for an online gift card instead from the Gift Card Mall. Gift cards like,, Banana Republic or Old Navy will let them choose fun accessories for back to school and they can do it all on their computer at home with your help.

• Use Calendars. Prepare your calendar for the upcoming school year. Family members should have easy access to one central calendar at home. Record important dates such as school closings, vacations, appointments or meetings. Write down appointments or project deadlines right away before you forget. Don’t rely on memory – write it all down.

• Get Rid of the Old to Make Room for the New. Get rid of old books and papers that you no longer use. When you do come across important papers, have a specific place to store them. A filing cabinet would be a great investment, and it keeps stacks of papers out of sight.

• Keep All School Supplies in One Area. Always have your backpack ready and your homework finished the night before. And remember, “Your child’s backpack should weigh less than 10% of his or her body weight, and should be carried on both shoulders hanging no lower than four inches below the waist. Excessively heavy backpacks can alter the natural curves of the spine and cause damage. If your child shows signs of poor posture, this can be a sign of underlying problems,” according to Dr. Tina M. Gottlieb, D.C.

• Donate Old Clothes. Everyone wants to have a few new items of clothing for the first day of school. Before you go shopping, look at the clothes you already own to see how they will work for the fall season. Go through your closet and get rid of outdated clothes and those that don’t fit. If you haven’t worn items in months or years, chances are you don’t need them. Getting rid of these articles of clothing will make way for your new fall wardrobe, and our local charities can use these items.

Students are not the only ones getting prepared for the new year. Murrieta Valley Unified School District Superintendent Pat Kelley said, “We are actively preparing for the opening of the 2013-2014 school year and we are excited about the opportunities the new school year will bring. This year we will be focused on making a successful transition to the Common Core State Standards, creating vibrant, purposeful, and outstanding educational experiences for our middle school students, and meeting the social and behavioral needs of all students. Parents play an important role in the education of their children and we recognize the need for an active partnership between home and school. Fortunately we live in a community that places a high priority on supporting our young people and a first-rate educational program.”

Back-to-school can mean a fresh start for your student and for your family. Getting organized now can ensure you start the new school year on the right track. Dr. Terry Rondberg reminds us that “Winning in life means we maintain a positive attitude even when we lose something.” Your student may not ‘win’ everything they try but if they’re well organized and prepared, they will learn from those experiences and be ready to face the next challenge with confidence.