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MSJC is Flying in Great News for the Valley

The Valley is recovering from lean years, but understandably businesses are still reluctant to take on the additional needed staff. What if your business could “try out” an employee, 20 hours per week for one year, with 75% of their wages subsidized? MSJC’s CalWORKs work study program offers this amazing opportunity to community businesses, provided they hold current business tax identification, pay 100% of the mandated payroll taxes and other associated costs, and hold a permanent position available should the student be a fit for the company at the end of the year.

This program affords businesses a year of growth without all of the burdensome, additional expenses needed to retain employees. The number of employees retained through this program is only limited to business needs and available permanent positions at the end of the year contract. By teaming with community employers, the MSJC Job Connect/CalWORKs program provides employers with candidates who can learn the initial, necessary job skills and maintain long-term employment focusing on career development. Our goal is to provide employers with student workers to help grow their business, and students with work experience that will prepare them to step from the graduation stage into a career. The program is designed to benefit both the employer and the students.

Interested businesses will set an appointment with our Job Developer, Kris Kley, who will take detailed notes on the business needs, and work to find qualified, potential students for interview. The employer will choose a candidate from our selection, provided they are acceptable, and the contract will begin. Additional assistance will be provided by the Job Connect/CalWORKs program to help student and employees succeed and grow with their new job. Assistance includes job coaching, supportive services and specialized counseling to help the individual balance the rigors of education and work.

For more information please contact Kris Kley, Job Developer, at 951-487-3471.

Written by Susan King, Special Program Assistant, MSJC Job Connect/CalWORKs