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Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley Donates to Education Foundation

The team at Commerce Bank of Temecula Valley has decided to put money that would be spent on Christmas cards and postage to a more constructive use. CBTV will be donating $500 to the Santa Rosa Plateau Education Foundation to support their many programs dedicated to the youth in our Valley.

The Mission Statement for the Foundation is: “To educate and empower youth to appreciate, protect and preserve Nature. “ We accomplish this by providing environmental educational programs for grades 3-12. More than 8,000 Third Grade students per year from 8 school districts and 70 schools are funded by the Education Foundation to visit the Plateau and hear about our local history and the Native American influence on the Reserve. The programs also include 5th grade Seed Bank Study and Trout in the Classroom. In addition, middle school and high school grassland programs are in their 3rd and 4th year and a new watershed Steelhead Trout Study is underway in partnership with the Murrieta Valley School District.

Don Murray, CEO of CBTV, says “We get so many requests for donations and all of the causes are very worthy, it made total sense when one of our staff suggested instead of spending money on Holiday cards, this year, we make another donation to a worthy cause. Helping the SRPEF enables us to help our youth get a quality outdoor experience all year. We have great customers and I think they will agree this is a better use of the bank’s money.”

Ginger Greaves, SRPF Executive Director, is accepting the donation on behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and invites everyone to visit the Plateau and learn more about these programs.