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Meet Cy Rathbun

Cy Rathbun has been part of the Temecula Valley entrepreneurial life. An active member at the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, this man – a Google Photographer – has had his life change during the past few months, as he was diagnosed with throat cancer at the end of 2014. Fortunately, it appears that his cancer was detected at an early stage, and although it could be cured, Cy’s lifestyle has been and will continue to be impacted drastically.

Cy is a one man show at his business, his income has been enough to support himself, and while according to the brackets in our state he is below the poverty line, he has always engaged with business people and friends with a smile and with an uncommon willingness to help others.

Unfortunately, and despite his income level, even having officially filed for MediCal benefits, as of late January, 2015, the date this story was written, he had not been approved. Sadly enough, he is unable to get the life-saving treatment he needs, as each session would require payments in the neighborhood of $600.

While being approved for MediCal would greatly relieve Cy’s anguish, he would still be left without a source of income as throat cancer treatments are aggressive and intrusive. It is common for patients treated for throat cancer to temporarily or in some cases permanently lose their ability to speak and should be fed by tubes. Some secondary reactions triggered by the radiation and chemo sessions could appear. These include change in skin tone and physical degeneration. These affect the patient’s ability to work and his overall mood.

Today, Cy’s friends and business acquaintances from the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, Temecula, Wildomar, and surrounding areas have come together to support him not only emotionally, but financially as well. We are sure that with our quick reaction to Cy’s situation we could raise the needed funds for copays and medical expenses as well as supporting him during his treatment. We know that Cy will survive cancer as he has never stopped smiling, and even though he has faced and understands the possible reactions and outcomes of his sickness, he is optimistic about it.

Cy is willing to overcome cancer, and is grateful for his friend’s support. Still, we know that we need additional help from the business community and beyond. We would like to urge you to open your heart, give back, and donate to Cy’s fund.

For more information, or to pledge/donate, please refer to Cy’s web site:  or contact Carlos Bazan at (212) 361-9062,