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Why Shop at Jewel Scene?


Are you looking to sell your precious metals or jewelry and see all kinds of ads and ‘sign twirlers’ telling you that they pay the most cash for your items? You’re left wondering where do I go, who do I trust and who’s going to pay me the most.


Don’t be deceived. The bigger and more stores these companies have, the higher their overhead and the less they can pay you for your gold and jewelry. Also, you hear these unrealistic quotes that are actually higher than the price of 24 karat and they will pay you 50% more plus a trip to Las Vegas or another location. At Jewel Scene, we will weigh your items in front of you and give you the most for your money without any deceptive promises. And, what if you have a sentimental piece of jewelry that you want to turn into something special for yourself or a loved one?


Jewel Scene has been in business for over 42 years, selling, buying and making jewelry from start to finish. We have built up a reputation of honesty, integrity and always treat our customers with respect. For more information, call us at (951) 296-1616.