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CONNECT’s Mission to Help Disabled Workforce and Veterans

Connect plants its business in Murrieta, CA in an effort to give meaningful work to a disabled workforce as well as veterans and individuals they call “life coaches” in an effort to stimulate local and regional economies.

For most of his adult life Mr. Jonathon R. Mills had been serving humanity whether through business or private ventures. Having overcome his own diagnosed learning disability at a young age and currently parenting an adopted “special needs” daughter, he is sensitive to the overall development of connecting individuals back to society through meaningful work.

For over two decades Mr. Mills and his wife of over 17 years have been involved in youth groups, which eventually led to a healthy skateboarding ministry mentoring youth across the US and abroad. This led to eventually funding and building a “safe” indoor skate park for youth in our local community.

The mission of connect is “To connect “special needs” individuals with society through meaningful work while providing industries a “value added” resource to outsource products to for assembly or secondary operations.” The vision of Connect is to:

• Benefit a firm’s philanthropic goals.
• Support a disabled workforce of skilled adults possessing physical and medical handicaps and restoring them to society with purpose.
• Keep funds circulating in US economy, which assists local and regional economies.

Lastly, Numerous, varied and highly-technical assembly jobs have a prominent place at Connect. Our staff is adept at most mechanical sub-assemblies and final assemblies. We can provide assembly services for your custom products or next project, from purchasing all buyout items to complete assembly from your construction blueprints or other supplied materials. From prototyping to full production, Connect can assist with your most straightforward to the most complex assembly needs.

Virtually no assembly project is too small or large for Connect to accommodate. Services include, but are not limited to; kitting, packaging, deburring, tapping, bag and tag, part marking/labeling, bolting, affixing gaskets, helicoil installation, and many other tasks are satisfied by our skilled workers using modern tooling and with most materials including: standard, stainless or galvanized steel, aluminum, wood, PVC and other plastics. Connect will effectively manage your projects from start to finish. We’ll also work from your supplied materials or cost-consciously obtain the required raw materials to fabricate and assemble from.

Services are provided for customers in a wide range of industries including computer, aeronautical, automotive, hunting, electrical, aeration, furniture, medical, cryogenics, defense, shipbuilding, oil and gas, LNG, petroleum, water, power, utilities, commercial, and other areas. And, as the accrued cost savings when working with us can be substantial, it is important to note that companies across the U.S. can capitalize on Connect services. This opportunity is possible as in many cases shipping expenses pale in comparison to the savings we afford.

Connect looks forward to changing the culture of business and developing business relationships that are long lasting.

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