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Temecula Students Setting a New Course and Poised for Success

by Suzanne Lingold, M.Ed.

It is final exam week here at California State University San Marcos at Temecula. As you’d expect, there is some stress in the air; much of it related to the typical worries over earning passing grades, and entering the workforce. As we all know any major life-milestone can be both scary and exciting. And graduating from college is certainly a landmark.

I took some time to visit a couple of classes and observe students in the hall and student lounge. These students were happy and confident about the end of the semester and graduating in a week and also about finally being able to spend down-time with friends and family.

I ended up spending a good deal of time in one of the business administration classes on entrepreneurship at the Temecula Higher Education Center. I wanted to wish the students good luck on finals and a happy and safe two-week break. Instead I sat and listened while they presented group pitches on fictitious business start-ups they had created. I learned that some of these businesses were under serious consideration by our students. I heard about everything from organic solar patio covers to wristbands that tell you when to take your meds – I definitely need that one!

These students blew me away. They are truly bright and engaged. Did you know that 85% of CSUSM graduates stay in the region and contribute to regional economic growth? Some of these students will be looking to launch careers-in our community in the next few weeks. Please consider them for your business…. you won’t regret it.

And, if you do hire one of our graduates from business, nursing or kinesiology, let us know. We want to stay engaged with them and with you. Knowing what we are doing right and what we can do better will keep our programs vibrant and relevant.

Cal State San Marcos is celebrating its 25th year in San Marcos this year. In only 15 more short years the CSUSM at Temecula campus will be celebrating its 25th year in Temecula. We look forward to seeing the positive economic impact that our students will have right here in the Temecula Valley!

Suzanne Lingold, M.Ed. is the Associate Dean for Extended Learning at Cal State San Marcos at Temecula. She may be reached at (951) 676-9254 or