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Temple Beth Sholom Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Growing Conservative Jewish Community

temple beth sholomTemple Beth Sholom, the only recognized member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in the Temecula Valley, is raising funds through a crowdfunding campaign on Jewcer to support the growth of its congregation on January 10, 2015 for one month.  The crowdfunding campaign can be found at on January 10, 2015; those visiting the site before the campaign may sign up for an email reminder when the campaign goes live on the 10th.

The synagogue has set a minimum goal of $25,000 to be used for Shabbat and holiday services, continue providing Jewish life cycle events, Adult education, the continuation of the weekly Share and Care program, and much more.  The funds will be raised for only a month on the Jewcer platform.

Since moving from Sun City to Temecula, Temple Beth Sholom has seen its membership grow.  Much of this can be attributed to being progressive, including having a female rabbi (Rabbi Sandy Rosenstein), and being egalitarian, welcoming interfaith families that want to connect to Judaism; while maintaining traditional conservative teachings and values.  Temple Beth Sholom of Temecula is a Conservative Congregation with a Modern Twist.

All contributions made to Temple Beth Sholom of Temecula via Jewcer are tax deductible.  They are asking people to make donations in increments of $18, to keep with the tradition that 18 in Hebrew is “Ch’i” which translates to “life.”  As Karen Poulson, president of the synagogue said: “When people donate to the campaign they are giving life to future of Temple Beth Sholom and the entire the Jewish community, by maintaining a place for the Jewish people to pray, play, and learn.”

Crowdfunding is a form of fundraising where a large number of people can contribute funds through an online platform.

About Temple Beth Sholom of Temecula

Temple Beth Sholom of Temecula maintains traditional Jewish values, but, as times changed, have broaden their views to be egalitarian and being a Conservative Congregation with a “Modern Twist.”  All Jewish and Jewish Interfaith families are always welcome.   As Rabbi Rosenstein says, “Come once, and you will want to stay a lifetime.”

For more information about Temple Beth Sholom, please visit
Crowdfunding campaign launches on January 10, 2015, please visit and it will redirect to the Jewcer campaign (before January 10, 2015; visitors may enter their emails for a reminder of the launch)