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A New Perspective!

The New Year is a time for fresh beginnings and a great time to consider revamping your marketing materials. It’s time to get a fresh perspective on your marketing and determine when it’s time to update your message, take your business to the next level, and remind your clients (both current and potential) that you are available for them.

To get a new perspective on your marketing message, ask yourself “are we currently telling the story that best represents where we are now?”  If you need updating, then focus on what message currently reflects your business’ ideals.  Sometimes it helps to gain perspective by talking with others, whether it is a fellow business member or a mentor.  When conveying your new message, it is very important that it is done right.  Get to the point and keep it simple.  For printed materials, design is everything, so seek the help of a professional designer to maximize your results.

Often, there comes a point when it is time to think about taking your business to the next level.  Perhaps you are going in a new direction, adding on a new product, or expanding and moving to a new location.  This is a great opportunity to create new collateral materials that focus on what is new and exciting about your business.  It can’t be said enough; seek professional help when creating new marketing materials.    Graphic designers and printers will become part of your team to insure that the right message is getting through.

Your new materials and marketing campaign should remind your clients why they do business with you.  It should also set you apart from your competition by highlighting your attributes and distinguishing you as an authority in your field.  Refreshing your message and implementing a consistent marketing plan will deepen your relationship with your clients.  They will benefit from a deeper understanding of what your business offers and will remember you when they need you.

At the beginning of this fresh New Year, take the time to update your marketing materials.  For the best results team up with a graphic designer and local print shop, then sit back and enjoy the benefits of your efforts!

Written by Tracey Papke

Tracey Papke is the owner of Potamus Press, a commercial print shop that specializes in offset and digital printing. For more information please visit or call (951)693-2136.

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