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Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce – April ‘Students of the Month’ Honored

Linfield Christian HS – Travion Brown
Principal Holly Wilson shared that from the moment she met Travion, she saw the determination to succeed in his eyes. He is regarded as a student leader and top athlete on the campus. Travion reflected on his relationship with his grandmother when he talked about his biggest life lesson. “She taught me unconditional love. I want to bring that to my community. No matter what, you are always loved.” Travion will be attending Washington State in the fall on a football scholarship.

Temecula Valley High School – Mackenzie Kate Vehlow
Assistant Principal Jessica McDonald shared that Mackenzie is TVHS’ 2019 Valedictorian with a 4.65 GPA. She is unbelievably determined and driven. She is described as a “beast” on the soccer field and an inspirational student leader on campus. Mackenzie shared that her biggest life lesson so far is, “The greatest success isn’t measured by what you do, but it’s measured by the journey and who you meet along the way.” Mackenzie is described as a legacy maker on the TVHS campus. Selected as one of 40 all American athletes in the nation. Press Enterprise Player of the Year. She is still deciding on where she wants to attend college.

Rancho Christian HS – Noah Stevens
Principal Craig Swanson talked about Noah’s extensive attributes. Noah takes all AP classes, is an accomplished pianist, mentor, leader, humble, ethical, and kind. His English teacher shared that he knew about Noah before he was on his class roster. Noah’s legacy as a student was well known beyond his own classrooms. His teacher shared that Noah is a great student, not just because he is smart, but because he is teachable. “Conversations with Noah result in changes in me, which is rare for a teacher.” Noah shared that his greatest life lesson thus far has been the realization that the end result is about others and that it matters to do the right thing. “Do what is meaningful. Do your best,” he said. Noah is still deciding on where he wants to attend college.

Temecula Preparatory HS – Trinity Chikwanda
Principal Michael Agostino shared that Trinity is the third in her family to be recognized as student of the month. The family legacy is strong! He described Trinity as incredibly active on campus, a leader, multiple sport athlete, helpful, caring, warm, and friendly. When asked about her favorite activity on campus, she immediately responds with “National Honor Society.” She loves to provide service and give back. Her desire to serve and share knowledge led her to start the Roots to Grow Program at the library to mentor younger students. Her teacher shared that, “Trinity is the epitome of who people should strive to be.” Trinity will be attending Georgetown University in the fall to major in math.

Great Oak HS – Davina leng Srioudom
Principal Aimee Ricken shared a long list of Davina’s strengths and attributes: wildly successful, IB student, humble, kind, inclusive, nurturer. “She has an innate sense of fairness about her and is an ethical compass on the campus.” She is also an avid gardener and has worked to enrich the soil of the GOHS’s garden and campus, literally! Davina shared about her greatest life lesson thus far. She turned 18 years old after the last election. She really wanted to have a voice but wasn’t able to vote. Not to be defeated, she decided to get involved as a volunteer and walked precincts and was able to lend her voice in a different way. Her teacher called her a “global ambassador and enlightened young lady.” Davina will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall.

Chaparral HS – Jaedyn Wells
Principal Nicole Dayus shared that she and Jaedyn have a special connection. Jayden plans to be a pediatrician. Mrs. Dayus’ father was a pediatrician and her mother was a pediatric nurse. “I share this with you because when you decide to go into the field of pediatrics, you have to be able to understand humanity at such a different level and advocate for children who can’t tell you where it hurts.” She went on to share her thought that this is a perfect match for Jaeden because she gets people and will be such a blessing for every child. Jaedyn is an exemplary student, scholar, AP Capstone student, leader, genuine, humble, strong, and friend to everyone. Her teacher described Jaedyn as a “bevel of sunshine who doesn’t know how amazing she is.” Jaedyn’s future goals include curing cancer.