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CSUSM Announces Environmental Conference and Symposium

For eight years now, California State University San Marcos Environmental Leadership Academy has helped foster visionary, spirited and thoughtful leadership toward a just and sustainable future. Developed in collaboration with regional agencies, organizations, and businesses, the program engages leaders and professionals in our region on critical issues affecting our quality of life such as energy, water, air quality, wildfires, transportation, and waste.

We now have over 200 working professionals who have attended and “graduated” from this academy, creating a network of individuals and organizations who have been able to break down traditional barriers to communication, find common ground, and work together to solve problems. And our graduates come from diverse backgrounds, including elected officials, board and commission members, city planners and engineers, transportation professionals, housing and business developers, electric and natural gas workers, water and air quality professionals, national and state parks employees, environmental and non-profit staff, attorneys, and even college students.

In early 2020, the Academy will be providing two exciting opportunities for enrollment.

The first will be a continuation of the already successful Environmental Leadership Academy. This program meets for four days (February 18-21) in the City of Temecula. Attendees will learn from local subject-matter-experts through presentations and experiential learning, including field trips, lectures, and access to some incredible examples of cutting-edge technologies and projects. Attendees will join a network of exemplary leaders in our region, gaining better insight into the issues through inquiry and dialogue.

As an exciting addition to this year’s lineup, we are also offering a one-day symposium on “California’s Energy Future.” This all-day event is open to the public and will be held on February 20th. The symposium will facilitate a robust and balanced dialogue on energy and public safety concerns in California and identify strategic needs for ensuring a sustainable and resilient future in California.

Two expert panels will convene to discuss topics related to energy, environment, land use, and wildfires. Respected leaders from the electric, gas, and waste sectors, along with specialists on emerging technologies, renewable energy, wildfires, legislation, and policy will have a robust discussion on the current direction for energy in California and their vision for our energy future. These experts will provide their perspectives and key recommendations on how we can secure a viable energy future, sustainable economic growth, and ensure community and wildfire risk.

Now is the time when we must come together to break down barriers to communication, find opportunities for collaboration, provide common sense, share our viewpoints, and foster innovation. As important, is the ability to provide our local governments, decision-makers, businesses, organizations, and residents an opportunity to hear from these diverse perspectives and participate in an open and transparent discussion on these topics, with the hopeful goal of fostering mutual respect, shared understanding, and an eye toward a sustainable energy future and resilient communities.

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