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Water-Wise Students Recognized for Creativity and Adaptability

Students turn on the tap and water streams out. They watch the water disappear down the drain. It happens so easily, yet there is an entire world on the other side of the faucet that EVMWD introduces to local students. While the impacts of COVID-19 have changed many aspects of education, EVMWD has remained on the forefront with opportunities to help children explore the world of water.

Teachers and students have displayed amazing adaptability as they adjust to a primarily virtual learning environment. EVMWD has also made important changes to ensure that water education is accessible in this new frontier of education.In addition to offering a collection of online learning resources, EVMWDrecently hosted a Creative Writing Contest in celebration of Drinking Water Week (May 3-9). Participants were challenged to creatively demonstrate the importance of safe drinking water through a story, poem, or essay. Many fantastic pieces were submitted, and three winners were chosen from among them: Lillian Sappenfield (1st Grade), Chelsea Chavez (3rd Grade), and Jeremiah Alatorre (11th Grade). The winning submissions can be viewed at

EVMWD’s science fair program, hosted annually in conjunction with LEUSD’s district fair, highlights the wonderful research that students conduct on water treatment and quality. The following students were selected to receive special recognition this year:

Bella Kidder – 5th Grade at Railroad Canyon Elementary
Jacob Eideh – 5th Grade at Earl Warren Elementary
Edward Hunter – 5th Grade at Earl Warren Elementary
Sophia Montes – 5th Grade at Earl Warren Elementary
KailaniMativa–5th Grade at William Collier Elementary
Joshtyn Hurtado – 8th Grade at Elsinore Middle School
Zoe La’Mothe – 11th Grade at Temescal Canyon High School

The year also held some exciting opportunities for educators. Five teachers within the EVMWD service area were awarded grants through the Lois B. Krieger Water Project Grants for Educators program. This year’s grant-funded projects included a strategic plan to feed tortoises as well as the creation of a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees. Other classrooms used the grant to learn sink and toilet repair skills,and also to fund existing projects that enable students to engage in advanced learning.

The past few months have been undeniably difficult, but this year still held many wonderful experiences. Students have grown in character, resiliency, and flexibility as they face unique and unexpected challenges. Along with businesses and residents in the community, EVMWD is adapting and looking forward to bringing more virtual lessons and activities to local schools. Visit for online education activities, virtual field trips, and more!