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APU Murrieta Campus Expands Degree Offerings: Criminal Justice

More college degree expansion is taking place at the Azusa Pacific University Murrieta Campus. Students will have the opportunity to earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice starting in fall of this year, 2016!

The APU Criminal Justice degree program equips students to analyze methods of reducing crime; advance police practices; improve prison, jail, and parole policies; and make society safer. This degree is an especially good fit for people who want to help protect the rights of individuals, aid at-risk youth, plus make a difference creating and implementing laws.

Students who successfully earn the APU BS in Criminal Justice will be able to utilize the knowledge and skills they obtain about traditional and contemporary criminal justice theories, and ethical and moral reasoning to participate in police, courts and corrections places of employment. Various methods of social science research will be learned and practiced as students experience survey research, field research, experimental research, and evaluation research. Ultimately, they will be able to demonstrate awareness of the linkage between theory and research. Additionally, students will learn effective communication skills, oral and written, plus basic knowledge of information technology to enhance effective criminal justice practice.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects job growth from now until 2022 in several occupations related to criminal justice, such as information security analysts, paralegals and legal assistants, private detectives and investigators, security guards and gaming surveillance officers, and criminal justice and law enforcement teachers. The BLS also projects several replacement positions available in law enforcement. This, coupled with the societal outcry for a fresh look at all aspects of the criminal justice system, makes this an exciting time to study criminal justice, and leaders are needed in all areas of this vital field.

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Written by Vickie Becker, EdD

Vickie Becker, EdD, is the Executive Director for the Azusa Pacific University Murrieta Regional Center. She may be reached at 951.304.3400 or

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