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A Wealth of Opportunity

dave-dawsonby David Dawson


Private equity investments are the most important funding source in the entrepreneurial marketplace.  They typically attract intelligent, experienced individuals that are free-market thinkers, and who have the ability to spot a financial growth opportunity in its early stages.  The fundamental reason for investing in private equity is to improve the risk and reward characteristics of your investment choices.


But what if your financial portfolio has been challenged?  Perhaps due to the so-called “Credit Crunch” of 2008-2009, you’ve been deleteriously affected by poor financial decisions made in Wall Street boardrooms. Or, you’ve experienced unintended consequences through your own personal financial missteps.  Last year, government incentive packages poured money into the financial system at historically unprecedented rates, in an effort to stimulate the economy.  We have yet to see how this scenario will affect our day-to-day recovery.


Imagine now you have 20-20 vision, that you have an opportunity to do things differently.  Would you? What if you invested in a hard, fixed-asset vehicle that has no correlation to market volatility and that it has the potential to hedge against inflationary pressures that may occur as a result of rising interest rates.  It could provide a stable income, fixed growth rates and is heavily tax sheltered. How would your portfolio and life be different?


At Promus Equity Partners, we present actionable tools you can use now to achieve greater success, greater return for your time and money. An asset that is protected from the influence of broader market fluctuations can allow for greater confidence in economic performance.  If you seek to protect your portfolio against losses, an alternative investment strategy may be for you. We are a boutique, private equity company specializing in fixed assets that generate above average returns for investors who seek stability, scalability, and the opportunity to create wealth.


We understand that retirement is not a “modified” life; it is and should be a continuation of the life you now have.  Education is a key part in realizing those financial ends.  The people at Promus Equity Partners will assist you through a unique learning atmosphere designed with growth in mind.   Private equity investment is typically a transformational, value-added, active strategy.  It is a process, one that is learned not by chasing returns but by creating them.


David Dawson is CEO of Dawson Financial, Inc., a private investment firm offering a range of services for private clients, small businesses, partnerships, and corporations.  He can be reached at  (858) 336-2112 or