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6 Things That Ensure Repeat Customers

by Steve Amante

The foundation of your small business success is your customers – and not just any customers, but repeat ones. Customers who come back time and again, with whom you form a relationship, and who are consistently referring friends and family to you will be the ones who ensure your long-term success.

But how do you ensure customers turn into repeat customers? Follow these six tips to better customer retention:

  1. This is where marketing research kicks in. Know who your customers are and what they value most, and consistently use this information to break down the barriers between customer and company. Your customers should be able to relate to you, so that you are a part of their life and not just a place where they bought something once. The most successful brands employ this tactic. Starbucks, for example, is not just a store where people sometimes purchase coffee. They are a part of their customers’ lifestyles because they seek to understand their customers on a personal level.
  1. An engaging relationship. Actively engage with your customers outside the usual moment of a sales transaction. A social media presence goes a long way toward strengthening the relationship with your customers. Remember, too, to be consistent. Adopt a brand image and hold onto it, so that you don’t confuse your customers and turn them off.


  1. A creative loyalty program. A good rewards program makes customers feel like more than a customer; they feel like a VIP or special friend of the company. Get creative and think of special freebies or perks you could offer your most loyal clients. It doesn’t always have to be a discount, either. Members could earn free shipping, gift wrapping, invitations to exclusive sales events, and so on.


  1. Go the extra mile. This is another area that requires creativity, but the payoff is worth the extra effort. When a customer makes a large purchase, throw in a freebie. Send “happy birthday” messages to contacts on your email marketing list. Include a short handwritten note when you ship a special purchase. Consistently look for ways you can go that extra mile, and you will make your company memorable to your customers.
  1. Customer service. Great customer service is, without a doubt, the number one ingredient to creating customer loyalty. Employees should be well-trained in providing above-and-beyond service. Telephone calls should be friendly and efficient, and emails should be promptly returned. Remember to treat each customer exactly as you would wish to be treated, and make sure employees are well-trained to carry out this task. Even an error can be turned into a positive experience, and good customer service ensures that even a grumpy customer gives you another chance in the future.
  1. Good PR. Sometimes good public relations simply means preventing bad public relations. Make sure your business is protected against any and all accidents which could occur on property. If you have any questions about your insurance needs, please give us a call. We provide all forms of business insurance in Temecula, so that you can have peace of mind and focus on your customers.

Written by Steve Amante

Steve Amante is the owner of Amante & Associates Insurance Solutions, Inc. He can be reached at 951-676-8800.

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