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Time is Money!

When you have an electrical issue, or need a major service on your car, rarely do we want to take the time or the risk of servicing it ourselves. Instead, we call the experts since we know they will have the knowledge and experience to fix the problem. Why would you not do the same when hiring crucial staff members for your organization?

As an employer, taking the time out of your already busy day to find, screen, and interview potential candidates is a double edged sword. You know you need to do it, but taking your attention away from doing business is stressful and definitely doesn’t add to the bottom line. Outsourcing the process to an experienced staffing service will not only greatly increase the success of finding top talent, but it will also allow you to manage the business and save you money in the long run.

On average, it takes 80 hours to hire one staff member. That time may include placing a job posting, searching multiple sites for qualified applicants, phone screening applicants, 1st and 2nd in-person interviews with the supervisors and a 3rd interview with the final decision maker, checking references, conducting background and drug screening, and making the final offer of employment. If you look at what your annual salary is and break it down to an hourly wage and then multiply it by 80 hours, it will, on average, cost you $5000- $6000 per hire.

A staffing service can usually handle all or most of the process including background screening and drug testing and only charge you if you decide to hire a candidate. They literally will do everything else at no charge until you decide to hire. They also have extended guarantees in place to insure the candidate placed will meet your standards and if you are not fully satisfied, will replace the candidate at no charge for the first 90 days. Some even have an extended guarantee program for up to seven years!

Background checks and substance abuse testing are also something left to the professionals. You have an even bigger advantage if you outsource those services to an experienced company that can mitigate your risk and protect you from making wrong hires. Choosing a staffing company with background services under the same roof, and in your local area, will also allow you more personalized and quicker response time.

Depending on the position, a staffing service will charge you less than it would cost if you hire your staff yourself. This allows you to pay less and utilize your skills where they are needed most; running the business! Next time you are looking to hire staff, consider the cost of your time and try calling your local staffing service for a quote. Their knowledge and experience make them the experts in hiring the right talent for your organization and will save you both time and money!

Written by Judy Contreras

Judy Contreras is the Sr. Branch Manager of @WORK Personnel Services - , 951.297.3591 ext. 103.

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