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Retaining Top Players to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Losing productive employees does more than affect workplace morale— it costs you money, averaging $15,000 per lost employee. With 47% of employees seeking greener pastures, nearly 50% of employers looking to hire, and passive candidates having more appeal than their unemployed peers, employee retention has become a major challenge. So, what can you do to keep your ‘keepers’ and maintain your competitive edge?


AppleOne’s complimentary booklet, Your Guide to Successful Retention: 10 Things To Do Before They Say, ‘I QUIT’, provides solid advice for keeping employees engaged, motivated and on board, including:


  • Train and Cross-Train Properly

Successful, productive, and satisfied employees often receive training on a regular basis. Training programs show your commitment to their being part of the organization’s future. Cross training empowers employees and engenders a sense of feeling valued and useful, making it a powerful retention tool.

  • Create a Great Workplace Environment

A good working environment is an important ingredient in retaining top talent. When employees want to come to work, odds are you will be able to engage, excite and retain top performers.


  • Pay Competitive Salaries

Salary is one of the proven ingredients in keeping top performers. Having up-to-date, accurate knowledge of standard industry pay rates in your industry will help you determine strategies for retaining your key staff members. AppleOne’s Annual Salary Guide is a helpful resource for current data, including salaries, benefits and market trends.

  • Give Room for Advancement

When professionals find themselves in dead-end positions they often look for other opportunities. Creating a roadmap for your employees to grow their careers and advance within the company is a proactive step toward retaining your best workers.


  • Recognize and Reward

When administered correctly, recognition and rewards are powerful ways to motivate your team and keep your best and brightest on board. Linking rewards to performance sends a message to others that this is what you value above all.


Enticing opportunities are on the rise for those employees no company can afford to lose. It’s more important than ever to show your top performers that that the advancement and fulfillment they seek aren’t too far away. They are within reach—and within your company walls.


For your full copy of Your Guide to Successful Retention: 10 Things To Do Before They Say, ‘I QUIT’ and our Annual Salary Guide, contact or (951) 296-5430.