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Success Longevity

If you want to be able to do what you love and make your impact on the world for years to come, then you should be thinking about success longevity. There are 3 areas of focus and each one consists of things to make sure you take great physical care of yourself now to ensure that you can continue doing what you love in the future. The value of every hour you work is not just the amount of money you make but the impact you create. It’s important for your body to function optimally so that you can work to your full potential.

The first area of focus are career specific daily functions. We focus heavily here on ergonomics and posture. Each job has unique requirements, and it is easy to just robotically go about your day. Check in regularly to see HOW you are doing your job and WHAT it is doing to you. Bad habits can sneak up on you and you might discover poor posture, cutting corners that negatively impact you physically, etc. For example, the ergonomics and posture techniques given to someone who is a CPA who sits at their desk all day, is going to be extremely different from that of a nurse or a photographer. A nurse will have to focus on how they assist patients. A photographer must watch how they carry equipment and then how they sit for hours to edit photographs. The CPA is all about proper desk ergonomics and reasons to get up and move.

The next area of focus is the way you move while being involved in hobbies. For instance, your posture while you ride a horse, weightlift, golf, surf, or bike ride.

It may seem like you don’t do them often enough to be important, but these little repetitive motions matter. You want to ensure that the things you love doing don’t cause any issues down the road.

The third area of focus is what I call the Foundation of Health. These are things that are essential when it comes to health. These essentials include, but are not limited to: Sleep, Fuel (water and food), and Preventative Health care like Chiropractic and regular checkups. Checking in with yourself from time to time to make sure you are still taking care of yourself will reward you now and in the future.

Remember, you are your single largest investment. There is a huge difference between feeling good and feeling great when it comes to what you could be achieving at work, with your hobbies, or at home with your family. Your future self will thank you for the investment of your time, money, and focus.

Tina M Gottlieb, D.C. is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Temecula. If you have any questions please let her know 951-699-5161,,

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