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Wellness in the Workplace, a Massage Revolution!

How do you say thank you to your hard working employees and staff…Pizza Friday’s?  Coffee shop gift cards?  Happy hour?  Or maybe you don’t say much at all…. did you ever consider the gift of massage in the workplace? Event Massage Services provides licensed massage therapists to arrive at your workplace prepared and ready to administer fully clothed chair massage in our ergonomically correct massage chairs.

Chair massage is a great way of showing your appreciation to the people who mean the most to you at work, day in and day out, you can incorporate it into your employee wellness program to create wellness in the workplace!!  All you have to do is create a sign-up sheet and give one copy to the lucky recipients and one copy to the therapist/s, that’s your only job and you become the hero!

When your workforce understands that they are appreciated in this way, it has been proven to create employee retention as they realize that they’re not just a number at your company. Aside from employee retention the benefits are plentiful including, but not limited to, better attitudes, relaxed muscles, increased circulation, clarity of mind, improved morale, improved results, fewer sick days, increased range of motion, and the list goes on and on.

Event Massage Services was created in 2001 by English native Andy Betts, a massage therapist himself who had a vision of bringing massage to the masses. There was a need in the progressive market that wasn’t being met in regards to wellness in the workplace and the companies in the know started to call. Large corporations such as Sprint, Chase, Sony, Marriot Hotels, Ernst & Young, numerous law firms, real estate offices and so on requested chair massage for their employees as an employee appreciation perk along with smaller employers with a workforce of as little as five people. Google was one of the innovative companies to incorporate the benefits of massage as part of their everyday culture for their employees, and many companies paid attention to their results. Once a week, once every two weeks or once a month are the frequencies requested depending on each individual company’s budget.

Similar organizations utilized the service and paid for EMS to be at their conventions, trade shows and conferences as a traffic builder for their exhibitors and a unique sponsorship opportunity for VIP areas and recharge stations. Attendees get tired of candy, trinkets and useless giveaways at these events so when they see free massages being given away a line forms at the booth and the salespeople have a captive audience to scan their badges, strut their stuff and obtain business. How can Event Massage Services serve you at your workplace or your convention? Let them make you the star of the show! 

Please contact Andy Betts for any Inquiries regarding Event Massage Services at (949) 510 2396, and check out their website for more info.