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The Importance of Relaxation

After owning and operating a spa for over 28 years I hear this all the time, “I just don’t have time to relax” or “I wish I had more time for myself”. In fact, some people even pride themselves in the inability to simply sit still.  Busy schedules have become the norm and people can actually  perceive you as lazy if your weeks are packed full like theirs. We certainly have become a culture where a hectic lifestyle is standard.

Unfortunately, the frantic pursuit of happiness often leads to fatigue, disappointment, and illness. Many adults see it as irresponsible to take a day off from work simply to relax yet they would consider it responsible to take necessary medication. What some don’t realize is that relaxation IS necessary medication. It’s a prescription for health!

What we also fail to realize is that “busy” does not always mean “productive. Stress causes poor memory, poor concentration, and depressed feelings.  It’s no surprise that when you’re under stress, you might not always be thinking so clearly. Stress seems to actually change how we weigh risks and rewards, and can cloud our judgment when we are faced with important decisions.

So, what do we do about it? We HAVE to make time to relax. This doesn’t always mean a long vacation. There are things you can do monthly and even daily to help unwind. Calming music, yoga videos, diffusing essential oils, and progressive muscle relaxation are just a few ways you can relax at home. While watching a favorite show or reading a book can be enjoyable, take time to do “nothing”. Just sitting still for a few minutes each day allows you to recognize how you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Another way to ensure you slow down is to get monthly massages, facials, or nail services. I’ve seen so many clients come in to the spa and breathe a sigh of relief once they stepped through the doors. It’s imperative to establish a routine of relaxing. Many of our monthly members sign up so they’re held accountable to come each month. The phone number to Murrieta Day Spa is 951-677-8111 if you have any questions regarding the membership!

The decision to make sure you stay well and relax is entirely yours. So, make the decision to relax today!

Written by Monique deGroot

Monique deGroot is the owner of Murrieta Day Spa in Murrieta.

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