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A Key to Psychological Well-Being

We all want to live a healthier, happier life. Most of us know that includes eating better, exercising more and taking time for ourselves to relax. But, did you know that learning is a huge contributor to our happiness as well?

It can be easy to go through the motions of our everyday lives and not find a need to learn anything new. With the busy part of life, it can be easy not to take the time to invest in learning. But what we should realize is that learning doesn’t mean going back to school. Learning can be a big project that takes intense focus on one subject or it can be as simple as asking questions about the things around you.

We should think of gaining knowledge as a lifestyle. A great way to learn is to travel. I absolutely love to travel and I actually just got back from an incredible trip site seeing throughout Paris and Italy. I simply learned by gaining new experiences, insight and challenging my boundaries. It allowed me to encounter the natural, cultural and man-made wonders of the world. I felt so blessed to have that opportunity. Travel expands our capacity for wonder, joy and the appreciation of the incredible diversity on our beautiful planet.

As humans, we have a natural desire to learn and progress. If we are not learning, then depression and anxiety can set in because we aren’t doing what our brain requires for psychological well-being. Are you unable to travel or get out much? A fun thing to try might be swapping skills with a friend or neighbor. If your friend has great gardening skills and you’re awesome with organizing, why don’t you both teach each other something? Are you clueless about makeup or skin care but it’s something you’d like to become skilled at? Come to the spa for a free makeup or hair consultation and we’ll teach you!

Taking up a new hobby or broadening your skills in an area that interests you is a great way to incorporate learning into your life. There are tons of free YouTube tutorials and online courses that make learning easier than ever. There are also local community centers that offer a variety or classes. There are so many ways to learn.  Now go learn something new to make your brain happy!

Written by Monique deGroot

Monique deGroot is the owner of Murrieta Day Spa in Murrieta.

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