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The Value of Disability Etiquette Training

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was conceived with the goal of integrating people with disabilities into all aspects of life, particularly the workplace and the marketplace. Sensibility towards people with disabilities is not only in the spirit of the ADA, it makes good business sense. As a business owner you may have an employee or employees who have a disability. Are you feel comfortable interacting with them? If the answer is no, then you would probably like to remedy the situation because a happy employee is far more productive than one that is not. So, how can you change this scenario? You’ll want to schedule a workshop on Disability Etiquette.

The Southern California Chapter of the United Spinal Association offers this service, we can customize a “Disability Etiquette” training session at a reasonable cost for your company, organization or institution. We have experienced staff who can plan a program based on your needs. The information shared in our Disability Etiquette workshop was developed by the staff of the United Spinal Association, a large non-profit agency based in New York. It has been refined over the years and is time tested.

Don’t let a comment or action, intended to be a positive, become a misunderstanding that results in conflict, we’re here to help.