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Get Happy

I always think of June as a time to recalibrate where I’m at in life, what my goals are, and make sure I’m feeling good about myself and my progress. Many times, people get half way through the year and aren’t as far along with their goals/resolutions as they’d like to be (or they’ve abandoned them altogether). I like to take this time to think of ways to get motivated and happy again. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing a few “happy acts.”

The connection between mental well-being and acts of gratitude and mindfulness go beyond just feeling “happy”. Positive practices change the way your brain works.

Every thought you have releases chemicals that have either a positive or negative effect on your physical and mental state. Learning to practice what I like to call “happy acts” help to develop positive emotions more consistently, thus resulting in a heightened state of well-being. So here are some things I recommend doing to get positive and motivated.

  • Put down the phone and go for a walk.
  • Be generous! Bring breakfast to work or to a friend and brighten their day.
  • Treat yourself to a massage, a long run, or a favorite meal.
  • Let someone go in front of you in line.
  • Show affection with a warm hug.
  • Call a family member just to catch up.
  • Paint a positive saying on a rock and leave it in a park for someone to find.
  • Leave a generous tip for great service.
  • Invest in your community and shop local.
  • Pick up some trash in your community.

There is, of course, more than one way to greater well-being besides “happy acts”, but this is a great place to start! People who do positive acts every day (or at least once a week) train their brains to not just be happier but have stronger immune systems and become more productive. Not to mention, they’re more pleasant to be around! So, try to make positivity a habit and live a longer and happier life!

Monique deGroot is the owner of Murrieta Day Spa which is located at 41885 Ivy St. in Murrieta.