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“What is that?” several might ask. It is allowing yourself to be you without the approval of others. it is also placing your emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing at the forefront. Self-love is neither cruel nor dismissive toward others; in fact, it allows others to embrace how you feel about you.

As women, we tend to be habitual in placing others at the head while we strenuously attempt to lead from the back. During such a process, we become overwhelmed and frustrated with our lives, waiting for others to place us first even though we’ve created our own posterior settlements. For betterment of self, one must find a way to lead one’s self in both thought and action. Asking another to perform a task for you that you’d dare not do for yourself is not only selfish and unreasonable, it also depletes the esteem of self.

Ladies, we are the first representation on how others should treat us. If we are unkind to ourselves, others will imitate that behavior. We must shift our mindset to the realization that happiness starts from within. Statistics have shown that women who practice self-love have more balance and discipline during the storms of life, proving even more the immobile and impenetrable foundation self-love can construct.

Living an authentic life will bring happiness, peace, and clarity—especially when making decisions. Having weekly or monthly mental and emotional self-Inspection is just as important as a physical checkup. Checking on your wellbeing frequently will bring balance and relief during difficult periods of your life. Being still is one of the notions many people cannot grasp, since our minds tend to revolve, even unproductively, a-million-miles-a-minute. Stillness allows concentration to arise, and it can create a sense of balance. Once a level of equilibrium is reached, an awareness of self will become evident.

Truly loving yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can obtain. It is extraordinarily tough to love yourself through the grit, the pain, the hurt, etc. We tend to desert ourselves during the storm. However, through those threatening times, self-love becomes as significant as breathing, also becomes dire for reaching a desired level of self-acceptance and appreciation. Break the barrier and become mindful of your needs; practice simple steps toward self-love.

Written by Dr. Candace Walters

Candace E Walters is a Therapist and Integrated Transformational Specialist. Dr. Candace specialty is Anxiety Disorders and Personality Disorders regrading women. Dr. Candace approach is personal, direct, and compassionate with a knee to knee system NO couch’s.

Dr. Candace is CEO for The Walters Group. Dr. Candace often affirms “Not every woman requires therapy, most of us just need an accountability partner”. Contact number is 951-541-4986.

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