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Welcome to Temecula Wellness Center

You deserve to experience a long, happy, healthy life and your body is designed to help you achieve that goal. However, it can’t function at 100% of its potential if there’s energy interference in your body. When that happens, you may experience a variety of health issues. Some may be obvious since they cause pain or other symptoms. Others are not always noticeable, like a weakened immune system or internal disorders.

I am a diplomate of the college of energy medicine and mind-body medicine. I developed the Bioenergy Technique, an advanced body worker technique that addresses the sub-occipital muscles directly attached to the dura mater surrounding the brain stem (which has been called the “Primary Control Center” of the body). In March 2013, I opened the Temecula Wellness Center.

To complement our technique, the center offers state-of-the-art equipment including: Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) mats provide magnetic resonance stimulation with a high degree of precision, strength, and timing, building bone density, healing damaged cells and enhancing immune function.

The wellness care approach offered at Temecula Wellness Center is perfect for people who currently have health problems, because it can provide relief for many types of painful conditions, including back pain, neck pain, stress, balance instability, and more. It’s also excellent for neurological rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis, strokes, traumas and many types of spinal cord injuries. However, the objective at Temecula Wellness Center is the prevention of disease allowing members to enjoy higher levels of health and wellness. We don’t practice medicine, which concentrates on diagnosing and treating diseases with drugs, surgery, and other procedures.

Our sole purpose is to use advanced energy healing techniques to correct interference to the normal flow of energy in the body. Given the option, most of us would prefer to be healthy and avoid illness rather than wait until a disease hits and then have to fix it. We believe in being pro-active and taking responsibility for our own health. Temecula Wellness Center offers advanced wellness care that is: cost effective, pain-free, and there is no disrobing necessary. Appointments are flexible and the average time for each visit is 15 minutes.

Temecula Wellness Center is located at 28780 Old Town Front St., Ste. D-7, one block south of Old Town Temecula, and is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call us at 951-699-5000 to schedule an appointment today.