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The Power of Positive Thinking

Being in a positive, powerful mindset sets leaders apart from the pack. With determination and focus you can accomplish anything. Does that mean it may be important for you to establish goals for the future and for long-term accomplishments? Yes. And the challenge needs to be within reach for the skills you have.

Practice, creates the positive perception your mind needs to develop the perspective to solve any problem you have. It takes changing your level of thinking in order to solve the problem’s you have. Lifestyle choices determine the long- term outcome of your existence.

Life often presents challenges when we least expect them. Even though it may be painful to hear this we learn by experiencing and growing through these painful times. Well, by viewing these challenges or tragedies as opportunities to practice the virtuous teachings we see and read about we actually grow the most valuable inner strength unimaginable. Yes, these are great moments for all of us if we have an attitude of gratitude we get to choose. Take a deep breath and release any tension and learn to surrender and accept that there is a power greater than you who is in charge of the universe and your life.

Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not. It is only after we have faced up to this fundamental rule and learned to distinguish between what we can and can’t control that inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible. Within our control are our own opinions, desires and the things we dislike. These things are directly subject to our influence.

We always have a choice about the contents and character of our inner lives. Things outside our control include how we are regarded by others and our status in society. Trying to control or to change what we can’t only results in torment. Be clear what belongs to others is their business and none of ours. If something is outside our control, train yourself not to worry about.

Positive thinking becomes a way of life that includes the development of greater awareness, as well as learning how to choose tolerance, kindness, compassion, and love. Positive thinking encourages us to develop spiritually while having a human experience.

Having a positive attitude allows us to realize the spiritual beings we really are, as light shines from the sun, we are drops of His Ocean of love. To become consciously aware of the presence of the Source within us is self-realization and is a lifetime journey. This involves practice, practice, practice but what could be more important than discovering who we really are and our true purpose in life.

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