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Would You Like More Energy?

Everybody that I meet wants more energy. And I mean everybody. The problem is that long ago our foods stopped containing the vital energy producing minerals and vitamins that they always had.

In other words, the food today for intents and purposes is DEAD. So when you put dead or fast food into your body, don’t expect to experience vibrant health and energy.

Governmental studies have all showed that almost all soils in the U.S. are depleted of minerals and out of the 70 trace minerals needed in soil; only 3-5 are present as food is grown. Mineral depletion is the surest way to create an ENERGY DISASTER. If you’re feeling fatigue or tired every day, then you want to pay attention to these signs. Why? It could be a symptom of a more serious impending health issue!

If you are tired and worn out, it could signify a more serious underlying condition like:
o Viral infections like Epstein-Barr
o Systemic inflammation of your organs or your brain
o Immune System depression
o Interference caused by contracted muscles: Irritation and inflammation of your central and peripheral nerve system
o Heart Disease or Heart Failure

At the we teach you ways you can MASSIVELY increase your daily energy levels naturally and thereby raise the quality and vibrancy of your life. As a child you probably stayed home from school when you weren’t feeling well. When you felt better, you returned to school because you were “well.”

Please remember “how you feel” is a poor judge of your health. Those with undetected cancer, hypertension, heart disease and even tooth decay are suffering from ill health long before obvious symptoms.

When you’re feeling good, it’s tempting to let things slide. Without proper care and maintenance we often experience premature aging and a host of stress-related health problems. We are the members of your health care team who check your muscles and nervous system so the flow of energy and information which keeps your body healthy and strong is operating without any interference.

If you don’t come to the Temecula Wellness Center for care please go somewhere. For more information, visit  or call Temecula Wellness Center at 951-699-5000.