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Posture and Your Smartphone

By Tina M. Gottlieb, D.C.

Look around you … are most of the people who are using their Smartphones looking down? Do you? With all the good and ease that comes with these phones, a downside is the abnormal wear and tear on our spines as a result of holding them incorrectly. Tilting your head down to text or play on your phone can lead to spine damage and other issues.

Frequent or prolonged forward, downward flexion of the head can …
 lead to long-term muscle strain, disc herniations, and pinched nerves
 increase the weight of the head on the spine by 10 pounds for every inch of forward flexion
 straighten the normal neck curve, resulting in structural damage and arthritic changes

To avoid problems down the road, be sure to hold your phone up in front of your face while texting and reading. While talking on your phone, it’s best to use a hand-free device or at least keep your head upright.

These problems aren’t limited to adults, so be sure to watch those kids of yours. Children are especially susceptible to issues with their spines while they are growing and developing. If your kids seem to slouch constantly with their head and shoulders tipped forward, even when they are not using a phone, it’s usually not just a bad habit, but what is comfortable for them because something is wrong.

Biomechanical issues with the spine cause discomfort and in many cases result in bad posture. Oftentimes, kids that get chiropractic adjustments suddenly return to great posture without even thinking about it, and their parents can be shocked!

Your spine impacts your nervous system and can affect your overall health. To strive for a strong foundation of wellness, be sure to include maintenance checkups with your family chiropractor on your “To Do” list.

Dr. Tina M. Gottlieb, D.C. has helped Temecula Valley families through upper cervical chiropractic care for over 12 years. For more information, visit  or call 951.699.5161.