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Stay Cool in the Heat

With August and September being the hottest months in Riverside County, Temecula Valley Hospital encourages the residents of the valley to avoid the risks and complications of heat stroke, a dangerous condition that can lead to death if not properly treated.  A heat stroke, or hyperthermia, is a life-threatening illness that occurs when the body’s temperature reaches or exceeds 104 degrees.   Causes include prolonged exposure to, or extreme exercise in, hot environmental temperatures indoors or out.

Elevated body temperature, rapid breathing or heart rate, confusion, slurred speech, or irritability, skin that feels hot and dry to the touch, nausea and vomiting, flushing of the skin, and headache can be symptoms of heat stroke and immediate emergency treatment is needed.  A person suffering from  heat stroke should be placed in the shade or indoors, excess layers of clothing removed, and the person’s body cooled with a fan, water, ice pack, or wet towel.

The best treatment for heat stroke is prevention! Air-conditioned environments are the best protection.  Those without air-conditioning could go to a shopping center or store, movie theater, public library or a friend’s home. Drinking plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages is very important in hot weather.  The smart thing to do is to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and hot temperatures and limit strenuous outdoor activity to the early morning or evenings when the temperature is cooler.

Temecula Valley Hospital reminds you to protect your health when temperatures soar, keep cool and use common sense.

Temecula Valley Hospital brings advanced technology, innovative programs, patient-centered and family sensitive care to area residents.  The hospital features 140 private patient rooms, 24 hour a day emergency care, advanced cardiac and stroke care, orthopedics and general medical care, and surgical specialties.

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