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“Now is the Time to Step Up and Help Each Other”

I’m sitting in my family room at home on a Monday night, less than a week since the Governor of California issued the Statewide “Stay at Home” Order. I honestly wasn’t going to submit an article to The Valley Business Journal this month. Nobody really knows how long the Coronavirus Pandemic will affect our country. Like you, I have friends that have had to unfortunately lay off employees during these trying times and will struggle to keep their doors open. I have good friends and family members that have already been laid off. Those with school age children must find daycare due to the local school closures. The Stock Market has taken a huge hit and several people have been affected. We are in unprecedented times for sure, but now is the time to take care of each other.

My wife Kathy and I are extremely blessed that our Davis Family Agency is able to service our Farmers Insurance customers from home during the Stay at Home Order. As you can imagine, the turnaround time will likely be a little slower, but the service will remain strong. I’ve spoken to friends that own insurance agency’s in our community and they’re hunkering down and doing the same thing for their customers.

I have lived in the Temecula Valley for over 30 years. Kathy and I have resided in the same South Temecula home for nearly 25 years. We remember those days years ago when we’d have to drive to the north side of Temecula to go out to dinner, as we didn’t have much to choose from on Temecula Parkway (Highway 79 South). I mention this because our local restaurants are being hit hard, so I implore you to support your local restaurants that offer take-out and delivery, especially those Mom and Pop businesses that desperately need our help during these tough times.

Speaking of local restaurants, I’m very proud of what Farmers Insurance is stepping up and doing.

While restaurants are forced to change from “inside” to “delivery” during this crisis, most policies don’t have the Endorsement for “Hire & Non-Owned Auto Liability, and if they do, it usually has an exclusion for “Delivery”. This means if an employee uses their auto for delivery, there is no coverage extended from the business and most Personal Auto policies Exclude coverage for Commercial Delivery. At Farmers, we have temporarily added an endorsement that will remove the Exclusion for our restaurant customers. If you’re a Farmers customer, please contact your agent for details.

Lastly, I am a proud member of The Rotary Club of Temecula. Our Club and Senior Outreach Committee has partnered with the City of Temecula to help support our local seniors that need Food Boxes during the Covid-19 Crisis. If you know of a local senior that needs help, please contact the Mary Phillips Senior Center in Temecula at 951-694-6464.

For those seniors that are home bound, please call my office at 951-699-1776, and our club will help arrange a Food Box delivery.

Stay Safe and Healthy, our community will get through this together.

Written by Craig Davis

Craig Davis is an agent for Farmers Insurance and the owner of Craig Davis Family Insurance located at 27625 Jefferson, Suite 100, in Temecula. He may be reached at (951) 699-1776.

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