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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

Do-It-Yourself Divorce, owned and operated by Kristin Harrison, is a Legal Services company that provides an alternative to hiring two attorneys. When a marriage must end, financial stress is inevitable. Hiring two attorneys is expensive, and the emotional cost of a hard-fought legal battle can be extremely high. When two people work co-operatively to come to an agreement about the terms of their divorce, both money and time can be saved. DIY Divorce specializes in writing a negotiated agreement, called a Marital Settlement Agreement, that is a contract between husband and wife that addresses every aspect of the marriage including: property division and debt, child and spousal support, a parenting plan/visitation agreement and any unique agreements between the parties.

DIY Divorce can also work with one person who wants to file for divorce, with or without cooperation from the other party. Requesting a change in child and/or spousal support is also offered by DIY Divorce, as well as finishing a case you started on your own. Call Kristin Harrison at (951) 795-3900 with questions or to schedule a free consultation. The office located at 29970 Technology Drive in Murrieta, located off Winchester Road near Murrieta Hot Springs.

Kristin Harrison is not an attorney. DIY Divorce offers services by a Legal Document Assistant and cannot represent anyone in court and is not a legal firm. LDA #228 Registered and Bonded in Riverside County