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Build a Better Murrieta

Joel Phillipsby Joel Phillips


I am running for Murrieta City Council to serve my community and to make a difference. Murrieta is home to my family including my wife of 23 years and my two children. This is already a great place to live, but together we can make it better.


As a small business owner I am passionate about the local economy and attracting jobs by making Murrieta a corporate friendly city where companies large and small want to make a new home. I will work diligently to create an environment where business feels welcome and supported.


As a real estate broker, I see the neighborhood impact of foreclosure blight every day and what it does to crime statistics and property value. I understand the challenges homeowners and renters face. As your councilman, I will focus every decision based on protecting the home values in our community and restoring faith in the American dream.


We have a safe community. In fact, it is still in the top ten safest cities in the country but we have slipped in the last few years. Violent crime is up by nearly 60% with 33 incidents from January to July in 2011 and 56 incidents in the same time period this year.


Everyone in this community wants to feel secure. I will fight for safer streets. Our city has come a long way in a short period of time, but we still have a long way to go in a difficult economic climate. Murrieta is a great place for us to call home so it is time to roll up our sleeves and begin rebuilding our future.


I am running for Murrieta City Council in 2012 to make a difference. Please vote for Joel Phillips so together we can ‘Build a Better Murrieta’.