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Print Delivers Your Message

In today’s world of digital marketing, print advertising is a tangible way to get your message through. Print advertising is effective, provides a high return on your investment and is the method that consumers actually prefer.

Printing is highly effective in getting your message through.  In the digital world, emails can be blocked by spam filters or simply deleted without ever even being read.  According to the USPS Household Diary Study of 2009, 79% of households read or scan the mail they receive.  Printing literally puts your message right at their fingertips!

Print advertising provides a high return on your investment (ROI).  A Direct Marketing Association study showed that direct mail advertising gives businesses an average of 13 to 1 on their investment.  That’s huge!  Print advertising drives both new and repeat business.  Studies from the DMA/Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Survey in 2008 showed that 39% of customers tried a business for the first time, and 70% of customer renewed their relationship, because of a direct mail promotion.

Printing is the preferred method for guiding consumers with their shopping decisions.  A whopping 69% of shoppers rely on weekly newspapers and 67% on direct mail for sales and product information. Surprisingly, these numbers are even higher among the younger, more digitally savvy, shoppers, according to Neilsen’s “The Evolution of Circulars: From Print to Digital,” Q4, 2011.

At the end of the day, digital marketing and social media works best when the message gets through to the intended market.   Printing is a proven way to insure that this happens.  Partner with a professional printer to develop a plan that supports your digital efforts today!

Written by Tracey Papke

Tracey Papke is the owner of Potamus Press, a commercial print shop that specializes in offset and digital printing. For more information please visit or call (951)693-2136.

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