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Why Print?

Print is far more than ink on paper.  It alights the senses, adds value and reinforces your corporate identity.  Great design and quality printing work together to engrain your marketing in your client’s memories.   

Engage your clients by appealing to their senses and create a “marketing experience”.  A powerful design and bright colors will cement your company brand in your client’s minds.  Studies indicate that using textures in your marketing piece will enhance value and recollection in consumers.  For certain businesses adding a scent to their marketing makes sense.  For example, a vanilla scent on marketing pieces for a bakery.

There is implied credibility with printed pieces.  Offering a tangible piece that reinforces your digital marketing campaign adds value in your client’s minds.  From the book “A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuro Science of Touch” a project of Sappi North America, “to touch a thing is to trigger a reaction:  as soon as we do, we begin to feel differently about it.  We begin to feel that we own it, and research shows that makes us value it more.”

Print is a fantastic tool for reinforcing your corporate identity.  People tend to hang on to printed pieces and refer to them when needed.  Keeping all marketing pieces, in any medium, consistent in design and content will help your clients to recognize and remember you. 

Utilizing creative print media in your marketing will distinguish you from your competition and add value to your brand.   Contact a designer or your local print shop to get started creating. The possibilities are endless!

Written by Tracey Papke

Tracey Papke is the owner of Potamus Press, a commercial print shop that specializes in offset and digital printing. For more information please visit or call (951)693-2136.

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