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Gene Wunderlich has lived in Murrieta for 28 years. In addition to his real estate and legislative activities, Gene is most often heard across the community as the voice behind many community events.

My family moved to Murrieta in 1989 from Scottsdale, AZ. Working for a Fortune 500 Information Management company, I transferred to manage offices in Los Angeles and San Diego. Murrieta seemed like a good midway point and the small town atmosphere, the architecture and affordable homes made this city a natural fit. At the  time there were about 22,000 citizens in Murrieta and, while we have seen it grow fivefold, the area still retains its small town charm, a great quality of life and the continued opportunity to make a difference.


I currently serve as Vice Chair of the Board of Governors for Southwest Healthcare, a Director of the Murrieta Temecula Group and President of The Temecula Valley Players, a resident theater company at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater. I work as an advocate on behalf of real estate, property rights and business issues as Vice President of Government Affairs for the Southwest Riverside County Association of Realtors®, and Legislative Liaison for the Southwest California Legislative Council. I am also an active volunteer and/or Director with both the California and National Associations of Realtors®.

Business Philosophy

For me, life and business is all about NEXT! You have to keep moving forward. Things happen that will rain on your dreams and laugh at your plans. Learn from the good times, learn more from the bad, adjust if need be, and proceed. You’re never too old to reinvent. NEXT!


I spent 20 years in the data processing / information management industry. Data processing used to be done on huge mainframe computers with dozens of spinning tape reels and little ‘dumb’ terminals hard-wired in. I escaped that industry as it was crashing because a $2,000 desk top could outperform a $12 million dollar room full of wires. NEXT! Jumped into local real estate in 1994 just before housing tanked. NEXT! Got to be part of the growth, the formation of local cities, the school districts, the Chambers and raising children here. I’ve served as Chair of the Murrieta Chamber and the SRCAR Board of Realtors. I’ve been involved in local government for the past 20 years and was briefly appointed to the Murrieta City Council in 2016 to fill a vacancy. I can occasionally be seen on stage as some minor and forgettable character in an otherwise stellar production.

Favorite Things

I’m originally from Telluride, Colorado, and own a home there that has been in my family since 1908. We love to spend time there in the summer when the high temp will hover around 75°. In 1955 my Dad built a cabin on Trout Lake which is about 12 miles out of town and it’s hard to beat that. Family events, grandkid things and the view from my backyard make local life good.


Grand Junction, Colorado.