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James Laszko has lived in the valley for over 20 years.  Growing up in Fallbrook, James has watched Temecula grow up from a place with a single stop light to the great family friendly community it is today.

I became a homeowner in Temecula in 1999, purchasing my first home in the Paseo del Sol community in southern Temecula.  Over the next 2 decades, I moved from Temecula to Murrieta and then Wildomar and in 2018 we moved back to southern Temecula so that our youngest daughter could be a part of the great Temecula Unified School District.  In 2010, my wife and I formed Mythos Technology, headquartered in Temecula, as a “holding company” for all the technology businesses and assets I had been involved with.  We have a great team and look forward to continuing to grow and invest in our people.


I serve on the board of directors for both our business property and our homeowners associations to help assure our communities are functioning at top performance.  We have attended Cornerstone Church in Wildomar since 2006 and I co-run a Business Owners Peer Group lifegroup. My youngest, Olivia, has been involved in youth soccer for a few years and I was finally going to debut as her new coach right before the COVID outbreak – alas, the season was cancelled…


There were times when I first started my business where I worked 80-100 hours a week.  It was tough, but fun.  It got us off the ground.  I’ve worked hard to learn how to develop a proper work/life balance and we push very hard to provide this balance for our team as well.  Our team is extremely important to us and we have a strong culture – we are the Mythos Crew!  We provide technology solutions for our clients that make them more efficient and able to focus on their core business functions.

FAVORITE SPORT                            

I used to be a football fan, but then the Chargers went to LA.  I love a good game of golf and play my best when I’m involved in a charity tournament where we are playing best ball with as many purchased mulligans as I can afford.  We spent a few days up in Big Bear with friends this year and I got back on a snowboard for the first time in 10 years – I had a blast and discovered that our daughter had an affinity for it as well.


The older I get I’m realizing a lot of the stuff that I’ve never wanted to do are becoming new goals.  I’ve never wanted to be a mentor, I’m starting to mentor.  I’ve never thought of myself as a leader, I’m realizing I’m a leader.  I’m on a crusade to be the best person I can be, for myself and for those around me.  We want to grow our team so that they can take over the day to day operations and continue to grow beyond what we have built.  We are playing the infinite business game.


I have found that I have learned a tremendous amount from business owners that I have met and associated with in industry peer groups.  I have also benefited greatly from our Business Owners Peer Group that I co-run at our church.  Our church and everyone we have met from there has also been a great source of wisdom and guidance in our lives.


Once I hit 42, my eyeballs failed me and I started to need glasses.  I now do about 90% of my reading via Audible.  I’m a big fan of the science fiction and fantasy genre.  Back when “going to school” was a thing, I used to walk my daughter to school everyday and we would share my Apple earbuds and we would “read” together on the walk.  When I’m not reading for fun I listen to business podcasts and read business and leadership books from the likes of Dave Ramsey, Gino Wickman, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Mike Michalowicz and Chris Voss.


For over 20 years I have run startup technology companies.  Since 2010, I have been the Chief Technical Officer at Mythos Technology, providing outsourced technology solutions and consulting for small to medium businesses.


Camp Pendleton, CA