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Executive Profile – Heidi Robertson


Heidi Robertson is the owner and CEO of Tristone Cinemas. Tristone currently has two movie theater locations, Temeku Cinemas in Temecula and Jurupa 14 Cinemas in Jurupa Valley. In 2003 Heidi brought her family of 4 children from Alberta, Canada to open Temeku Cinemas. She was able to use her 23 years of experience in accounting, finance and management to build a thriving small movie theater chain. She has had the opportunity to work for both publicly traded companies and smaller home-based businesses too. This helped to diversify her talents and ability to adjust to different environments. Through her proactive approach, creative mindset and ability to see to all the details, she helped to create a successful business, and Tristone Cinemas family. 


Temeku Cinemas opened in July 2003 to a big welcome from the Temecula Valley, making this year our 20th anniversary. It was important to me to build a happy work environment and have excellent customer service – two things that keep Tristone strong to this day!

Over the next 9 years, I opened 8 movie theater locations across southern California: 

2005:  I helped open Diamond Cinemas in Lake Elsinore. *Sold in 2008.

2006:  I opened up Canyon Springs Cinemas in Moreno Valley. *Closed in 2008

2007:  Tristone expanded up to Rancho Cucamonga opening the Terra Vista 6 Cinemas. *Lost it due to covid in 2020.

2009:  Tristone ventured further north and opened Simi Valley 10 Cinemas. When we closed its doors to this theater in late 2019, staff from the previous 10 years of operation approached the city asking to help keep its doors open. It was a tribute to Tristone and the excellence in employee relations and that personal touch that has always been important to me.

2010:  Tristone renovated a 5 plex in Brea, across from the 2nd largest mall in Orange County. *Closed in 2020.

2011: Tristone heard a rumor of a 14-plex first-run movie theater that was up for renewal. We signed a new lease 2 weeks later and opened the doors of Jurupa 14 Cinemas in December 2011. 

2016:  Tristone took over the Palm Desert 10 Cinemas in the Westfield mall in Palm Desert. *Closed in February 2023.

By 2016 Tristone was employing over 180 employees and had 6 busy movie theaters. I worked to build a customer service-based management style; a unique advertising strategy and I worked on getting heavily involved with the communities around our theaters. I count my staff as my biggest achievement though. I have loved working with our employees over the last 20 years and have some employees that have been with Tristone for over 15 years. 

Giving Back:

In 2006 I started the Golden Reel Awards, an opportunity for my staff to find their creative side, and then present it like the Oscars!  Every year the theater employees would create and film their own movies, from a theme I would give them. Sometimes they had weeks to film and edit it, sometimes only 24 hours. We then awarded them as they walked the red carpet and ate fun themed food and treats.


It is always my goal to have a better work/life balance. I have a large family that includes a husband, 4 children, 3 step-children, 10 grandchildren, and siblings and a parent that lives locally. Although I love to work, my biggest goals and joys come from spending more time with my family.


I am an avid crocheter and knitter. I started to crochet when I was 10 years old and developed my skills over the years to make adult and baby clothes, toys, blankets and house decorations. In 2022 I self taught myself to knit and now go between both skills. 

Birthplace:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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