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PROFILE – Corie Maue

When Corie Maue and her husband Patrick moved to Murrieta in 2001 to be near family, they quickly tired of the commute to Orange County and decided to start their own business.  What began as Corie being an independent notary public flourished into DocPros, a nationwide loan signing service that has served the Title and Escrow companies for over 20 years.  

While they loved the company, their clients, and their staff, they were grateful to turn the day-to-day operations over to their business partner in 2016 as they began the process of fostering and then adopting their three youngest children through Riverside County DPSS.

Corie spent the next several years involved in various projects but mostly focused on the kids’ personal growth, mental health, and their many activities.  Basketball, gymnastics, dance, horseback riding, softball, cheer, flag football, school, and friends kept the family busy and happy.

In 2021, as her oldest neared 15, friends reached out with an offer to sell her their elite Driving School, Teen Road to Safety – Temecula, as they were moving out of state.  A serial entrepreneur at heart, Maue quickly saw the potential in a business that served the teens and families in a growing valley.

She spent the next two years building brand recognition: resourcing her many relationships within the community and exercising her natural flair for marketing and storytelling.

As the community became more aware of the caliber of her driving school, which boasts current and retired law enforcement as instructors, her fleet of Ford Mustangs grew, as did her team.  Now serving hundreds of families per month, she continues to hire exceptional LEOs and invest in more vehicles to best meet the growing demand for the TRTS experience.

Maue continues to partner with athletic teams throughout the valley to raise funds for their programs, but her real heart is for underserved teens and families.  She has forged relationships with the Pala Housing Resource Center, El Roi Ministries, Rose Again Foundation, and Oak Grove Center, all of whom provide resources to young people in need.

In the year to come, Maue will be taking her passion to the next level.  By forming The Teen Safety Project, she will resource funds to subsidize exceptional Defensive Driving lessons for teens throughout Temecula Valley, Riverside County, and beyond.  She believes all young people should be able to access the level of instruction and education she offers without budgetary concerns. In addition, she hopes to help bring Every 15 Minutes and/or CHP Smart Start Programs back into High Schools as these are proven to help reduce reckless and distracted driving among teens.

Says Maue, “It is such a privilege to serve this community. I believe our program is uniquely designed to equip this generation of teens to be safe and conscientious drivers, and I am so proud of what we have to offer. I look forward to bringing this level of experience to as many families as possible in the years to come.”

Corie’s hobbies include yoga, hiking, cooking, travel, and fine wine.

Teen Road to Safety – Temecula is proud to offer complete concierge service from online driver’s education to one-on-one behind-the-wheel instruction packages of 6 to 20 hours with expert law enforcement officers as instructors, to Advanced Training hosted once a month in South Orange County.  Behind the wheel teen safety is our passion and purpose, and we will gladly hold your hand every step of the way.

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