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Julie Ngo is a dedicated State Farm Agent based in Temecula, CA, serving her community since January 2006. With over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Julie is passionate about helping her clients navigate the complexities of insurance to safeguard their families and assets. 

She cherishes her family life, being engaged to Jerry and being a proud mother to her son, Collin Dang.  Collin will be graduating from Penn State May 2024.  

Outside of work, Julie finds joy in spending time with loved ones and exploring culinary delights. Staying active and healthy is essential to Julie’s lifestyle. She enjoys maintaining her fitness through regular workouts and outdoor activities like hiking with friends.  She believes if we must grow old, let’s do it gracefully!!

Julie’s commitment to her clients, combined with her love for her community and family, defines her approach to both work and life. 


Assistant Governor – Rotary District 5330
Treasurer: Rotary Club of Temecula
President – Old Town Temecula Association
Chairman – Old Town Advisory Committee (City of Temecula)
Board Member: Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce
Co-Chair: Oak Grove Ambassador Program
Executive Director – Rose Again Foundation
Board Member: Neighborhood Healthcare Philanthropy Council

Julie is also an active member of the Murrieta Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood Healthcare and many other business organizations and non-profits in Temecula.  

Recent Accolades that Julie is most honored to have received: 

2022 Volunteer of the Year Oak Grove Center
2022 Rotarian of the Year – Rotary Club of Temecula 
2023 Servant Leader Neighborhood Healthcare

From Julie:

Hi!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me.  I am a longtime business owner here in Temecula.  My agency is in the heart of it all, Old Town Temecula.  I am a property owner there too.  Old Town Temecula has had my heart since the day I opened my doors back in January 2006.  It was a quiet, sleepy place when I arrived, but I could hear the whisperings of the potential it had to become the heartbeat of our town.  And it has surely exceeded all expectations as a destination on its own!

My business and life philosophy has always been to be intentional.  Intentional with my thoughts, my words and my actions.  I want this to be true in all things I do.    With clients, to be intentional in my daily conversations with them about protecting their families and businesses.  With my team, to be intentional in my process to help them grow personally and professionally.  With my family, to be intentional with the time I spend with them.  And with my friends, to be intentional in the conversations we have to help each other grow in life.

I get asked so many times, why do you do so much?  Why do you give to so many things?  My answer is because somebody gave to me.  It was given to me either directly or indirectly.  Someone sat on a Chamber board before me and made plans that have since helped and served my business.  Someone gave a donation to a non-profit that served a friend I knew and saved their life.  Someone went to the “that event” and said something to me that changed the course of a project I was contemplating and it in turn helped a business I insure.  Someone sat in a church and helped decide to adopt a refugee family from Vietnam in 1975.  

We all can be that SOMEONE.  I have been given so many SOMEONES in my life and I will never forget them.  And many of those someone’s, I don’t even know but they made an impact.   I never think about how busy I am, I think about all the intentional decisions I make when I am serving and I know it will make an impact one day. 

As I am writing this, my team member says that he heard this quote once.  We don’t have the author; In business (I could add in life too) we should all be distributors not just warehouses.  

Cheers to you all for making it to the end of this bio.