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Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley – Weatherize Your Home

by Mike Ohrberg, Director of Restores


Summer is coming and so is the heat! Save energy and money on your gas and electric bills by weatherizing your home. To weatherize a home means to prepare it to withstand temperature changes and extreme conditions from outside. Since the energy used in the average house can cause about twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as the average car, small changes at home can add up to big energy savings.


WindowsCaulk or weatherstrip your windows to keep the hot air out. For those comfortable summer nights, install window screens. This way, windows can be left open without fear of bug invasion.


Doors Propping a door open during the summer let’s in excellent cool breezes (as long as the A/C isn’t on). Add a screen door to keep air moving and critters out.


Other Tips and Tricks

  • Turn down the temperature on your water heater. Most are automatically set to 140 degrees F, which is hotter than you will likely ever need. Set at 120 degrees F to save energy and money.


  • Turn up the thermostat in the summer by a couple of degrees when you leave the house or go to sleep.


  • Be careful of where you put light sources. Put them in the places where you particularly need them, like your desk, over a counter, and near your favorite reading spot. This way, you can have one light on at a time while you do specific tasks around the house instead of having four lights on trying to keep the whole room bright.


Most of the items mentioned in this article can be found at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


Mike Ohrberg is the Director of Restores. Shop or donate your unwanted household items to the Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley ReStores. The Temecula ReStore is located at 27479 Enterprise Circle West. The Lake Elsinore ReStore is located at 570 Central Avenue, Suite I. Habitat for Humanity will pick up your donations, if needed. For more information, visit